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Ilio-Tibial Strip Syndrome

Ilio-Tibial Strip Syndrome

“Ilio-Tibial Strip Syndrome” is caused by the friction of a large fibrous band connecting the hip to the tibia on the outer aspect of the thigh. The pain is felt on the outside of the knee, sometimes radiating along the thigh. This condition often occurs during activities that require repeated knee flexing and extension, such as running and cycling. The main causes are poor alignment of the knee and a lack of flexibility of the ilio-tibial strip or the muscle attached to it.

  • Biomechanical examination with analysis of posture and walking;
  • Evaluation and the consideration of orthotic treatments;
  • Analysis and evaluation of running technique (racing);
  • Stretching tips;
  • Footwear Evaluation;
  • Consideration of multidisciplinary references.

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