Sport podiatry in Gatineau

Breach or sprain

Podiatric treatment of sprains and strains in Gatineau

When a false movement, with or without impact occurs at the foot and ankle joints, some structures may partially or completely tear depending on the force involved. We often find this pathology with runners or people doing activities requiring lateral and rapid movements.

The ligaments in the foot and ankle hold the bones together and keep the joints aligned during movement. During a false movement of the foot, micro-tears or complete tears of these structures can take place. Swelling and pain appear, as well as a blood effusion that will produce a hematoma (blue) under the skin. The podiatrist can recommend various treatments to cure the wound depending on the degree of its progress.

Some people may experience repetitive sprain. The situation can be remedied by controlling ankle instability. Various methods of control may be used such as the wearing of a sports splint or with the prescription of foot orthotics.

  • Biomechanical examination with analysis of posture and walking
  • Evaluation and the consideration of radiographic imaging
  • Evaluation and the consideration of performing laser therapy
  • Evaluation and the consideration of taping / strapping the foot
  • Evaluation and the consideration of orthotic treatments
  • Evaluation and the consideration of immobilisation
  • Footwear Evaluation
  • Advice regarding proprioceptive and reinforcement exercises
  • Analysis and evaluation of running technique (racing)
  • Consideration of multidisciplinary references

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