Podiatry for children in Gatineau

Knock-knee (genu valgum)

Your kid suffer from Knock-knee? We can help you!

Cavous knees are an internal deviation of the knees giving the impression that they are touching in a standing position. There are certain age ranges (3-6 years) during growth that it is normal for the knees to appear this way however, in cases where they appear moderate to severe, a podiatric analysis is recommended. An internal deviation of the knees can be exasperated by flat feet or unacceptable internal hip rotation. Children with knee-out knees often complain of leg and knee pain preventing them from participating in sport activities.

  • Biomechanical examination with analysis of posture and walking
  • Evaluation and the consideration of radiographic imaging
  • Evaluation and the consideration of orthotic treatments
  • Stretching tips
  • Footwear evaluation and advice

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