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Juvenile hallux valgus

Juvenile hallux valgus – outward deviation of the big toe

Juvenile hallux valgus is a condition that affects the foot and is characterized by an outward deviation of the big toe, accompanied by a bony protrusion on the inside of the foot. This condition is often hereditary. It can occur in childhood or adolescence. It can cause pain and discomfort when walking or using certain shoes.

Symptoms of juvenile hallux valgus can include pain in the forefoot, inflammation and redness of the skin, difficulty wearing shoes comfortably and visible deformity of the big toe. It can also lead to ingrown toenails or other foot deformities such as hammertoes.
Treatment for juvenile hallux valgus depends on the severity of the condition. In mild cases, exercises and foot orthotics can help relieve pain and prevent deformity. In more severe cases, your podiatrist may suggest surgery with an orthopedic surgeon or surgical podiatrist to straighten the big toe and correct the deformity.

If you or your child is experiencing symptoms of juvenile hallux valgus, it is important to see your podiatrist as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and proper treatment can help prevent long-term complications and improve foot function and comfort. Preventive measures, such as using proper footwear, can also help prevent the progression of the deformity.

  • Biomechanical examination with analysis of posture and walking
  • Evaluation and the consideration of radiographic imaging
  • Evaluation and the consideration of orthotic treatments
  • Stretching tips
  • Footwear evaluation and advice

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