Podiatry in Gatineau

Podiatry for children in Gatineau

A good growth with aligned feet

At the Pied Outaouais clinic, we are fortunate to have Dre. Julie Gauvreau, a podiatrist with considerable experience in this field. The owner of the clinic, Dr. Julie Gauvreau, has developed an interest in podo-pediatrics and has undergone specific training for this purpose at the NYCPM. She is able to confidently treat torsional and rotational deformities thanks to the additional training she has obtained in New York.

Podiatry in childhood is not well known among Quebecers. As we know with dentists, prevention and education are paramount to healthy and healthy teeth, This is also true with feet.

It is highly recommended that you:

  • Consult at any age for nail or skin disorders
  • Consult between the age of 4 months and 18 months for all suspicious congenital deformities or in the case of late walking
  • Consult between 18 months and 3 years for abnormal internal or external gait or foot or leg pain
  • Consult after 3 years for flat feet, deformations (bunion, pain while walking or participating in sports activities, or if you notice uneven shoe wear, etc.

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