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Dr. Julie Gauvreau

Pediatric Podiatrist | Owner

Dr. Julie Gauvreau is dedicated to providing her patients with the best possible podiatric services.

Dr. Julie Gauvreau is a passionate podiatrist who has devoted additional study to the field of Podo-Pediatrics (foot medicine for children). Dr. Julie Gauvreau, podiatrist, holds a doctorat degree in Podiatric Médecine since 2014. For professional reasons and out of personal interest, she decided to complete an additional 3 months of training, following the completion of her doctorate degree from UQTR. These theoretical and practical hours of training at the NYCPM were conducted with professors in podopediatrics, enabling her to confidently treat pediatric patients in Gatineau. In addition, she holds a radiology certificate and is a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics (ACFAP).

She advocates continuing education (formerly a member of the continuing education committee) and the advancement of the profession (lecturer). She values ‌‌teaching by being a pedagogue, hence she is an internship supervisor, for future graduates in the 4th year and wishes to teach at the UQTR. Dr. Julie Gauvreau, a warm and enthusiastic podiatrist, puts the patient at the heart of her priorities. She promotes multidisciplinary cooperation (orthopedists, doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, etc.) in order to achieve an optimal result with her patients. She participates in the community to help the Gatineau Social Podiatry Center. Her intellectual curiosity and interest in the patients’ well-being will enable her to implement rigorous and attentive treatments.

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