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Our Podiatrist Clinic in Aylmer

A Podiatrist Clinic

The podiatrist clinic in Aylmer is committed to meeting your foot treatment needs. Even if it is sometimes ignored, the health of your feet is essential to perform your daily activities. To avoid future injuries, you must keep an eye out for your feet to detect potential pain. Pied Outaouais offers you services equipped with the most recent and developed techniques to ensure your physical well-being. For us, each patient deserves to be treated with respect and with a personalized service adapted to his or her feet.


Our podiatrists have the skills and expertise to detect present or future problems with your feet. From radiography to surgery, our podiatrists are qualified to analyze and diagnose foot problems.

Our Qualified Professionals

The professionals in our team are qualified and have the necessary experience to meet each specific need of our customers.

They are continually training to improve their skills and expertise in the Podiatry field.

Our Values

The well-being of our patients is our priority, and our approach is focused ont their needs. The values we convey with our team and our patients are transparency, listening, professionalism and trust.

The Services Offered

Pied Outaouais stands out for the many services it offers to patients. Everyone will be able to find what they need for the well-being of their feet. We offer nail care, skin care, wound care, foot pain, children’s podiatry, plantar orthotics, sports podiatry and laser therapy.

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