Foot pain treatment

Knee and back pain

Knee pain

We can’t move forward without our feet!

Many people suffer from chronic knee, hip and lower back pain which may even go up to the neck causing migraines. It is important to evaluate the alignment of the feet and to analyze the symmetry of the walk in order to exclude them as causing these severe problems.

Several studies state the relationship between knee pain and inadequate foot movement are related. When a foot collapses, the knee follows this movement which involves structural stretching and abnormal compressions Running with flat or collapsed feet can amplify the pain. The correction of these abnormal foot functions can help reduce knee pain such as patellofemoral syndrome.

Hip and back pain

It is important to evaluate the feet because an unnatural pronation (natural gait cycle), or collapsed foot brings musculoskeletal changes to the hips and back. There are some people who have one longer leg, which can lead to chronic and recurrent pain. Multidisciplinary work may be required. An analysis of posture and walking by a podiatrist may likely lead to an orthtic treatment which can alleviate several symptoms.

  • Biomechanical examination with analysis of posture and walking
  • Evaluation and the consideration of orthotic treatments
  • Analysis and evaluation of running technique (racing)
  • Stretching tips
  • Footwear Evaluation
  • Consideration of multidisciplinary references

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