Nail care

Nail trauma

Nail trauma treatment

The primary function of a nail is to protect the bone it covers. When a nail suffers a major trauma, a bruise forms that can partially or completely cover the surface of the nail. This accumulation of blood under the nail can be painful and to avoid the loss of the nail, it is important to consult quickly. It is strongly recommended to have the nail evaluated to exclude a wound and a fracture of the underlying bone. Contact our podiatric clinic for nail care treatment if such symptoms occur on your foot.

Podiatric services for the treatment of foot trauma
  • Thinning, trimming and clearing of the problematic nail
  • Permanent or non-permanent partial surgery
  • Advice and follow-ups with our podiatry clinic

The symptoms of a broken toenail

A broken toenail should show signs of improvement and regrowth within 6–8 weeks. The entire regrowth process can take up to 18 months.
You should consult a podiatrist at Pied Outaouais if your nail is bleeding, taking too long to heal, getting worse, or if you think your nail is infected.

Common causes of a cracked nail:
Cracked toenails are most often caused or promoted by trauma, such as a bump or a heavy object falling on your toe. Also, improperly fitting shoes that cause the toenail to repeatedly strike the inside of the shoe can make the problem worse.

Sports that impact the toes, such as ballet and tennis. There is also the possibility of a fungal infection: a toenail fungus can make the nail thick, discolored, brittle and fragile. As the fungal infection develops, it can crack the nail or even lift it off the nail bed.

Signs or symptoms of a cracked or broken toenail that require the attention and care of a podiatrist
  • A crack that extends to the nail bed.
  • A complete or partial detachment of the nail from the nail bed.
  • A break in the toenail
  • Nail discoloration: The exact color of the discoloration depends on the underlying cause of the cracked toenail. If it is due to a fungal infection, your cracked nail may be white, scaly or brownish-yellow. If it is due to trauma, it may be red, purple or black.
  • Pain and tenderness around the affected area