Foot care

Diabetic foot

How diabetes affects your feet

Diabetes is a chronic condition, which is caused by a failure of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin. As a result of insulin deficiency, the human body is hormonally unable to regulate the quantity of sugar in the bloodstream and Hyperglycemia ensues. The more sugar accumulates in the bloodstream, the greater the chances of complications affecting nerve endings and blood vessels at one’s extremities.

Early signs and symptoms
  • Dry skin, fissures and calluses
  • Difficulty healing and irregular scarring of skin
  • Higher likelihood of infections at the site of injuries, even minor ones
  • Appearance of ulcers on feet
  • Appearance of lesions associated with diabetes
  • Loss of hair at extremities
  • Unusually cold and pale feet during the day
  • Unusual sensations of tingling or numbness felt in the feet
  • Loss of feeling in toes and/or feet
  • Uncomfortably hot feet, especially later in the evening
  • Deformations of the feet (i.e. Hammertoe, Bunion, pronounced Arch)
  • Loss of balance and stability.

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